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Mobility Scooter Driving Reactions Test News

Mobility Scooter Driving Reactions Test News

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Mobility Scooter Driving Reactions Test News
Last updated: June 19, 2019

Since 2011, the number of mobility scooter users has increased year on year.  In July 2018, the number of mobility scooters users in the UK was estimated at 350,000.   

As a consequence, the number of recorded traffic incidents involving a mobility scooter has also seen an increase. Fatality rates involving mobility scooter users have multiplied, from one recorded case in 2011, up to 14 cases recorded by 2016.  Furthermore, the number of serious, non-fatal incidents have also increased, year-on-year.

In what is a largely unregulated sector, it is now anticipated this will push the government into starting mandatory medical checks to ascertain users suitability and competency in operating a mobility scooter.

Users vision, reaction speeds and hazard awareness are criteria that are likely high on the agenda should a compulsory test come into force.    

With this in mind, have devised a basic Driving Reactions Test for mobility scooter users to test and hone their reaction skills and hand to eye co-ordination.  The Mobility Scooter Driving Reactions Test takes on a similar format to hazard perception in a regular driving theory test. 

This easy-to-understand test is available freely on the ScooterWiz website ( accessible from both Desktop computers and mobile phones and takes only a few moments to complete.  

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