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How to Register a Mobility Scooter with the DVLA

How to Register a Mobility Scooter with the DVLA

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How to Register a Mobility Scooter with the DVLA
Last updated: February 13, 2019

A road legal mobility scooter is considered a Class 3 Invalid carriage.  If you have recently purchased a refurbished road legal mobility scooter you are required to register the vehicle with the DVLA

In the following article we will consider what is required to register a Class 3 mobility scooter with the DVLA, including functional requirements of the mobility scooter, the form you are required to fill in and the information required. 

To begin, let’s first consider the definition of a Class 3 road legal mobility scooter. 

Legal Functional Requirements of a Class 3 Mobility Scooter

  1. Functioning dual mode (maximum 4mph & 8mph) speed switch. 
  2. Functioning headlights, taillights and reflectors. 
  3. Functioning indicators and hazard lights.
  4. Functioning horn.
  5. Functioning brake (all mobility scooters come with an automatic brake).
  6. At least one rear view mirror fitted. 
  7. An unladen weight of no more than 150Kg.
  8. A width no wider than 0.85M. 

 A refurbished mobility scooter from will meet these functional requirements when purchased. This is an advantage of purchasing a refurbished mobility scooter over purchasing second hand. 

The Form Required to Register a Refurbished Mobility Scooter with the DVLA

The registration form required to be completed and returned to the DVLA for a refurbished or rebuilt Class 3 mobility scooter is a V55/5. This can be obtained online or from any Post Office, must be completed in BLOCK CAPTIALS using black ink and returned to the DVLA by post. 

The address to return the form to is; 

DVLA Swansea SA99 1BE 

A full explaination of each of the fields on the V55/5 form is available in the DVLA guidelines.  

The Key Information Required for a V55/5 Form to Register a Refurbished Mobility Scooter 

The key information required to register a road legal mobility scooter with the DVLA may be summarised as;

  • Manufacturer / Make
  • Model 
  • Serial Number (sometimes referred to as a VIN number)
  • Type of Body / Vehicle
  • Colours
  • Unladen Weight
  • Power / Weight Ratio
  • Year of Registration
  • Number of Seats
  • Type of Fuel 
  • Tax from Date
  • Tax Class
  • Period of Tax
  • Tax Payable

Manufacturer - The manufacturer of the mobility scooter

Example: PRIDE, CTM, CARECO, etc.

Make - The brand make of the mobility scooter

Example: PRIDE, CTM, CARECO, etc.

Model - The model number of the mobility scooter. 

Example: CELEBRITY X SPORT, HS-890, EXPLORER 8, etc.

VIN Number - The serial number of the mobility scooter.

Example: D463789120FB

Type of Body / Vehicle - The type of vehicle.


Colours - The colour(s) of the mobility scooter.

Example: PURPLE

Unladen Weight - The weight of the mobility scooter only.

Example: 140Kg

Power / Weight Ratio - The power weight ratio of the mobility scooter.

Example: 0.01

Year of Registration - The year of registration (this year).

Example: 2019

Number of Seats - The number of seats fitted on the mobility scooter. 

Example: 1

Type of Fuel - The type of fuel that powers the mobility scooter. 


Tax from Date - The date you wish the road tax to start (today).

Example: 13-02-2019

Tax Class - The tax class of the mobility scooter. 


Period of Tax - The period of tax.

Example: Months: 12  Weeks: 0

Tax Payable - The road tax payable on the mobility scooter.

Example: NIL


Example of a Completed V55/5 Form

An example of a completed V55/5 form to register a mobility scooter with the DVLA can be found below;

Example of V555 form

Example of V555 form


This is an opinion based article and is intended for informational purposes only. Errors, omissions, and amendments are to be expected.  

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